Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spaninfotech Interview Questions&Answers(11-06-2011) max(sal),deptno from emp where max(sal)>2000 group by deptno this Query is right or wrong?
Ans:select max(sal),deptno from emp group by deptno having max(sal)>2000 it is the right one.

2. what is the diff b/w where and having clause?
Ans:where can restrict each row or record
having clause restrict group of records.

3.Can we use transaction control transformation on a flatfile target?
Ans:we can't use,Transaction Control transformations connected to any target other than relational, XML, or dynamic MQSeries targets are ineffective for those targets.

4.which one given better performnce static or dynamic lkp?
Ans:Performance wise static lookup is better than dynamic lkp,dynamic Lookup is that they are slow as the caches are updated frequently based on the transaction posted in the database.

5. when we use dynamic lookup?
Ans:if the table contains more no.of duplicate records then we use dynamc lkp to eliminate duplicates.

6.i have 10 records in my source table  i can take  filter transformation i can give the condition true then how many records loaded into the target tale ?
ANs :10 records,every active transaformation by default act as passive transformation.

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