Monday, June 6, 2011

TCS(white field,bangalore) Interview Questions (4-06-2011)

1.explain  ur project? to display duplicate records in a table by using sql query?
ex:100 aaa
   100 aaa
   100 aaa
   101 bbb
   102 ccc

i want to dispaly like this 100 aaa
                                     100 aaa
                                     100 aaa

3.explain scd type2 i have the data d1 1 mum
                                                     d2 1 kol
                                                     d3 1 hyd
how it will be inserted?

4.what is mapplet and expalin where u can use mapplet in realtime?

  sales transaction
  hra a/c

in which what are the fact and dimensional tables?

6.explain mapping parameters and variables?

7.what is factless fact table and explain where u can use in realtime?

8.diff b/w in and exist?(sub quaries)

9.i have 100 records in my target table and next day i want to insert 5 records,
and i want to update 10 records then what is tot no.of records in my target table?(by using scd2)

10.diff b/w connected and unconnected lkp? using which transformation u can capture the rejected records and where it will be stored?

12.what is the shortcut and reusable transformation? my table 1000 records are there i want to get 100 records what is the sqlquery?

14.diff b/w sourcequalifier and filter?

15.what is abort and stop where we can use abort?

16.what are types of tracing levels and what is the verbose initialization?

17. diff b/w union and joiner?

18. what are the reusable and nonreusabletasks?


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